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NYX Cream Highlight & Contour Palette

Today, I have a review of Nyx’s new Cream Contour and Highlight Palette in light. I’ve been using this little baby for the last month so I could thoroughly test and get to know the product before I reviewed it for you. So if you want to see my thoughts on the Nyx Cream Highlight and Contour Palette and how I use it, just keep reading below!

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Nyx Cream Highlight and Contour Palette in Light

Here’s what you get in the Nyx Cream Highlight and Contour Palette. I purchased mine in light since I have a very fair complexion. Inside you have a large contour shade, mine is a cool toned taupe shade, perfect of the pale girl. It looks warmer in the photo because of my lighting. Then you have a shimmery highlight shade for the cheek bones and wherever else you want some shine. Lastly, you have a large matte highlight in a vaguely yellow very pale shade.

 photo 20160509_214935_zpsdsvkwncg.jpg
Nyx Highlight and Contour Palette in Light Swatches

Like I said, the contour shade is perfect for fair skin if you get the light palette. It’s a cool toned taupe with just enough warmth to look healthy on the skin. The next swatch is the matte highlight which has a yellow undertone which sounds a bit unflattering but is actually very nice and brightening even in my fair pinky undertone. It also offers a fair bit of coverage too. Finally, the shimmer highlight which is very subtle actually and gives a nice glow to the high points of the face.

The texture of the product is quite dry but easy to blend. It’s pretty similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour in texture. I like that the contour shade has a drier consistency, it allows you to have control over the product so it won’t get out of hand. However, it’s not ideal for the highlight considering you’ll most likely be using it under the eye in a delicate area and I personally want something that can blend easily there without disrupting my foundation and concealer.

Say hello to the cheekbones you never knew you already had! Our new Cream Highlight & Contour Palette contains three silky shades that work together to help you highlight, contour and illuminate your most beautiful natural features.

After playing around with the palette for a while I discovered that adding a couple drops of face oil to it and mixing it in creates a creamy texture and makes blending a dream. I prefer to use the Physician’s Formula Argan Oil for this. Keep in mind a little of the oil goes a long way.

Now, I have very dry skin, however, if you have oily to normal skin I don’t for see you needing to add an oil to help the blending.

Now onto the DEMO!
 photo 1_zpsodwb0xf6.jpg

Here is my face, with a very light application of a foundation. My skin looks a bit oily here because I put facial oil on my blending sponge. In this demo, I used no concealer so you can see how much coverage the palette has.
 photo 2_zpsukgypyjl.jpg

Here I have applied the matte highlight to my under eyes and onto the high points of my cheekbone, chin, bridge of the nose, center of the forehead and just below where I will add the contour to my cheekbones. I didn’t paint it on with a brush but patted it on with a blending sponge, and blending as I go.
 photo 3_zpsmb2ck9a1.png

Next, I added the contour with a contour brush. I applied it along the hollow of my cheeks, under the jaw line, down the side of my nose, under my bottom lip, in the dent of my cupids bow and near the hairline.
 photo 4_zpsojshl0yg.jpg

I used the same flat contour brush to blend the contour out and then patted over everything with the blending sponge so it would be seamless. You could definitely stop here and set your face with a setting powder for a subtle natural look, but you know me…High Maintenance.
 photo 5_zpsqoijbynf.jpg photo 6_zps7dahvcj1.jpg

I set the highlight and contour using my Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette.  To see how I use the Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette check out this post: Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette Review and Demo

And here is the finished look:
 photo 20160519_194156_zpsy8vbnzvb.jpg  photo 20160519_194235_zpsk56gzueo.jpg

Final Thoughts: The NYX Highlight and Contour Palette is a great buy if you are into contouring. Also a great dupe for the ABH palette.  It’s a great product to have on hand if you’re looking to amp up your contour game. You can also you the palette for a soft natural look. The light palette is definitely great for us pale gals.

The NYX Highlight and Contour Palette retails for $15 and comes in 3 shades. Light, Medium, and Deep, that would suit most skin tones.

I purchased mine from Ulta.com.

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  1. I was wondering about this product and wasn’t sure if it was worth the buy but now I thinking give it a try! Thanks


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