Suspended in Dusk – Makeup Tutorial – Fall Series pt.3


 photo natieditions00 449_zps8bcddfqe.jpgAww, yiss! Halloween is upon us and it’s time to embrace our spooky selves… if you don’t do that already year round.   photo 831992_zpsdpx7jtlh.gifToday, I have the 3rd makeup tutorial in my fall series this year. This look features a burgundy / maroon monochromatic makeup  using the Kat Von D  Sepentina Palette and the Shade+Light Palette, with a strong wing and vampy lip from Colourpop.

 photo 20161011_114223_zpsweq336ds.jpg photo 20161011_113531_zps9sjw0cof.jpgIf you wanna see how I created this look, just keep reading below!

 photo tumblr_nijl543ObE1smsmqro1_250_zpsh3cr7ivd.gif

And yes, another Type O Negative title.

 Let’s get to it!

 photo 20161011_095003_zpsekfamula.jpg

Primed eye, brows done, blah blah blah.

 photo 20160316_024215_zpszmv1paqa.jpg photo jytyty_zpsekdpdsik.jpg

From the Kat Von D Shade+Light Eye Contour Palette, I took the shade “Laetus” on a big ole’ fluffy brush and laid it down as a base shade from lid to brow bone.

 photo 20161011_095145_zpskratfntt.jpg

“Laetus” creates a nice neutralizing base for the other eyeshadow to blend into and since it is a more yellow cream shade, it gives a little warm.

 photo 20161011_095314_zpstb86cq40.jpg

Next, on a fluffy crease brush, I took “Ludwin” which is a warm reddish camel shade and one of my favorite shades for a transition or just warming the crease up. I applied it rather heavily into the crease for this look and blended it all the way up to the brow on the inner portion and blending it out toward the tail, following the natural contours of my eye enhancing that my eyes are kind of deep set and I have a strong browbone.

 photo 20160727_082312_zpsdgjzsmcc.jpgNow for my favorite palette of life and death, the Sepentina Palette from Kat Von D. If a palette could speak to my soul, this one does.
 photo 20160727_082456_zpsrphh74bi.jpg

Kat Von D Serpentina Review + Looks

 photo 20161011_095608_zpsrnp6h1jk.jpg

With the aubergine shade called “Queen” on a flat brush, I packed it onto the lid, up to the crease and blended it slightly just to soften the edges. Since this shade had a pearlized finish, I want to keep it just in the lid so I don’t accentuate how hooded my eyes are.

 photo 20161011_100324_zpsu5ktzsw7.jpg photo 20161011_100247_zpsyrki2fci.jpg

Taking my favorite shade in the palette “Bloodmilk” a warm matte red, I blended into the crease with a small dome crease brush and blended the shade out into “Ludwin” following the same shape but keeping most the pigment at the crease and directing it out toward the tail of the brow. I went back and forth with “Bloodmilk” and “Ludwin” until I got the blend I liked.

 photo 20161011_101600_zpsgqi7cayz.jpg

Then I added a bold black wing and cleaned up the edges with a bit of primer and a cotton bud.

 photo 20161011_105343_zpszjuf1ukk.jpg

For the lower lashline, I blended “Ludwin” first, letting it blend down kind of low.

 photo 20161011_105500_zpsvpgiodev.jpg

Then adding a bit of “Bloodmilk” closer to the lashline.

 photo 20161011_105632_zps139gyemk.jpg

And then “Queen” all the way across and close to the lashline.

 photo 20161011_110150_zpsxr8wcdog.jpg

Some black kajal liner to the upper and lower waterline and a bit more blending to soften it on the lower waterline with “Queen”

 photo 20161011_111821_zpssg87rq46.jpg photo 20161011_112302_zpsyi4gwdrb.jpg photo 20161011_112050_zpsug9vyqvx.jpg
A few coats of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and the eyes are done!

Here’s a quick rundown on what I used for the rest of my face.
 photo 20161011_110710_zpsekofzvtb.jpg

Foundation: Nars All Day Weightless Luminous Foundation

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review and Demo

Concealer: Kat von D Lock-It Concealer Creme

Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Concealer Creme Review + Demo #LockitRevolution

Setting Powder: Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Powder + Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder

Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Setting Powder Review + Demo #LockItRevolution

Contour: Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette

Kat Von D Shade+Light Contour Palette Review and Demo

Blush: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush “Mood Exposure”

Bronzer: Hourglass Luminous Bronze Light

Highlight: Nyx Strobe Genius + Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder “Dim Light”, “Diffused Light”

 photo 20161011_111149_zpsngk2nr1b.jpg

Finishing off with a vampy lip, I went with Colourpop Liquid Satin Lipstick in “Too Lips”

And done! Here’s there the finished look:

 photo 20161011_112921_zpsjclkkobj.jpg photo 20161011_112859_zpsgt8buwgb.jpg photo 20161011_113532_zpsokqnqufo.jpg photo 20161011_114056_zpsoaw9us0f.jpg photo 20161011_114153_zpsikmszuip.jpg photo 20161011_115328_zpsxrgr7zwo.jpg photo 20161011_115647_zpstalskqul.jpg  photo 20161011_163505_zpsffi397tm.jpg
 photo 20161011_154226_zpsauz8bauv.jpg

Oh yeah, and a matching Mani! I used OPI’s “Mirror Mirror on the Wall”

 photo IMG_20161011_173539_zpsr7iqvp0v.jpg

Cheers and Stay Spooky!

 photo 2216_zpsyfvbifhk.gif

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