Tarte Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette Review

Tarte Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette

Hello, guys! Today, I have a review of the Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette. Seriously, that name is such a mouthful. WTF? Anyway, I have a review, swatches and some looks I created with this palette to share with you guys and I am done a couple tutorials using it. I’m hoping to have another up Friday. I’m shocked that I am getting this post done this week.

 photo BFFB_zps5oqlkrwp.jpg
Tarte Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette

Let’s get started.

The Packaging

The packaging for this palette is very nice and aesthetically pleasing. I love black and gold combined with the simplicity used here.
 photo 20170328_162802_zpsy4cikimm.jpg

The material this palette is made of is a hard plastic which feels sturdy. It’s not the easiest palette to open. I have to be careful not to drop it when I open it.

The black plastic on the top has a matte texture that can get super filthy and hard to get clean too, but that is the only complaints I have here because this palette is out of this world. I can’t believe I put off buying it for so long!  photo 20170310_001542_zpsabjtjbys.jpg

On the inside is a fantastic mirror as well.
 photo 20170310_000658_zpsvfz4rdrp.jpg

The Breakdown + Swatches

Inside you have 20 incredibly pigmented eyeshadows made with Tarte’s new high-performance pro formula.  You have 16 matte and 4 iridescent luster shades as they are called by Tarte.
 photo 20170328_162556_zpsnueosmhb.jpg

According to Tarte the eyeshadows infused with Amazonian clay that blends smoothly, and are made from naturally derived ingredients and using what they call “Smart blend technology” that is highly pigmented, long wearing and flake resistant.
 photo 20170328_162548_zpsqj39hozy.jpg

The pigmentation of these is no joke. Ultra concentrated color pay off and the mattes are so smooth and velvety. I am so impressed by these. By far the best eyeshadow I used from Tarte. I’m a huge fan of Tarte anyway but this collection is on another level.

You get a great variety of neutral shadows and a few bold shades. Incredibly versatile and so user friend despite being so pigmented. This is a great addition to anyone’s collection, beginner to pro level, this palette will work great for all skin tones.

 photo 20170328_162628_zps64dvbprc.jpgEach row going across are coordinated to work together seamlessly or you can mix and match all over the palette. You have everything you need in this little guy for tons of looks.

On the first row, you have 4 warm matte neutrals.
 photo 20170328_162515_zpsj0vkbdit.jpg

Classic is a matte cream.

Innocent is a soft peach.

Whimsey is a medium warm brick.

Smoked is a dark coffee brown.
 photo ethereal 4_zpslhotrusq.png

The next row is a beautifully cool toned selection of mattes in the mauve and plum family. These shades swatch warmer than they look in the pan as does the next row.
 photo 20170328_162518_zpsnaqhza5w.jpg

Vintage is a pure white.

Fierce is a cool taupe with purple undertones.

No Filter is a purple mauve that leans warmer in the skin.

Vamp is an aptly named deep blackened plum.
 photo ethereal 3_zpszb1rxphn.png

Next up is a warmer set of shades still in the pink, mauve and taupe family. Some of these come off warmer on the skin as well
 photo 20170328_162520_zpsaqvnawzq.jpg

Chic is a very pale dusty pink.

Profesh is a true taupe.

Mod is described as a deep cherry. It’s a unique shade that looks so pink in the pan but on the skin is a stunning soft red shade that anyone could rock.

Drama is a maroon despite looking purple in the pan.
 photo ethereal 2_zpsv6o3d6tp.png

The last row is a perfectly neutral/cool toned selection. These shades are staples in any collection.
 photo 20170328_162529_zpsadrf1j6w.jpg

Indie is a pale griege.

Bold is a soft light brown.

Edgy is a chocolate brown.

Punk is a soft black.
 photo ethereal 5_zpszmv3jf7h.png

And lastly, the metallic shades which are so smooth and buttery. Wonderful and flattering formula.

Trendy is a teal and brown duo chrome.
 photo 20170328_162536_zpsu08qiybr.jpg

Minx is a shimmering warm mauve.
 photo 20170328_162540_zps7m3tworg.jpg

Glam is a golden champagne
 photo 20170328_162542_zpsm2yhkya7.jpg

Ethereal is a vibrant bronze.
 photo 20170328_162545_zpsyldmhdjd.jpg

I mean, look at that shine! They are so finely milled they look wet on the skin.
 photo ethereal_zpsgpqwwqvo.png

  • Amazonian clay: nature’s most perfect ingredient for better, longer, truer wear 
  • mineral pigments: soothe and soften skin
  • vanilla extract: a natural fragrance with rich antioxidant and anti-aging properties

– Tarte.com

dermatologist tested |ophthalmologist tested |safe for contact lens wearers

The Looks

Tarte includes 4 mini tutorials to give you some ideas of how to use this palette. I didn’t follow any of them but I like that they took the time to do that and might give a couple of them a try.

 photo 20170310_000334_zpsry1u0gop.jpg

Here are a few of the looks I have created with this palette.

 photo Feb 27 - March 4 18_zpsikip7bzs.jpg photo Feb 27 - March 4 11_zpshw5bqieh.jpg photo yyhh_zpsfbmpmdsy.jpg photo fhfbgb_zpsrjshet4r.jpg photo bfdbdded_zpserlsgycz.jpg photo IMG_20170324_011246_616_zps5kqkpmlm.jpg photo bbbb_zpslf4d1dmj.jpg photo sxsdddvf_zpsnbbltbjt.jpgMoon Child Makeup Tutorial Feat. ABH Moon Child Glow Kit + Tarte Tarteist Pro Eyeshadow PaletteAdd heading  photo glowy 5_zpsdj9wat2s.jpg
Ostara. Glowing Spring Makeup Tutorial Feat. Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette.
Add heading (7)

And I have another tutorial with this palette lined up for this week as well.

The Verdict

I am so glad I bought this palette. It’s stunningly good. They have reached a new high with the quality and pigmentation. The pigmentation is insane, and to blend so smooth.

The Tarte Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette retails for $53. I picked mine up at my local Ulta.

Do you have this palette? Let me know your thoughts below!

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