Spring of Rage. Reverse Smoky Eye Tutorial.

BEE BEAUTY - WEEKLY EDITGood Evening/Morning ladies and gentlemen, I’m back in vampire mode but I am going to try and remember to schedule this post to publish at a decent time for once. photo giphy_zps7vtbdhqr.gif

Today I have a tutorial inspired by the awesome Mallory1712 who did a video where she did a reverse smoky eye and I was obsessed and had to try this look for myself. It looks so pretty on her and unexpectedly flattering. I can’t say it was the most flattering look I have done on myself, it emphasizes my ginky eyelids like crazy but it was fun in an avant-garde kinda way. I wasn’t too concerned with being pretty with this look. I wanted a more editorial feel. Pretty/ugly is what Tyra Banks would say I believe. Makeup isn’t always about pretty, it’s about being creative and having fun.  Mallory had pulled inspiration from Natascha Pedersen, her Instagram is goals and Mallory is one of my favorite YouTubers ever. I want to be BFF with her, LOL.

 photo SOR 12_zpsqnx7szah.jpg

Spring of Rage is a Moonspell song title and it really suits my moods this spring. LOL! Even though Mallory did a tutorial, I wanted to show you my take on the look and what products I used so if you wanna see how I got this look just keep reading below.

For this look I used the Tarte Tarteist Amazonian Clay Pro Eyeshadow Palette that I reviewed last week, You can check that out here: Tarte Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette Review

 photo BFFB_zps5oqlkrwp.jpg

I wanted to stick to neutrals and all matte on the eyes, so I used the bottom row in the Tarte Palette aside from the base shade which is called Classic and is just a cream shade and the white shade called Vintage.
 photo 20170328_162529_zpsadrf1j6w.jpg

I started with my brows done, I opted for a very full structured brow. Not what I would do every day but I was feeling all kinds of bold here. I actually loved they way the brow looked once the look was completed.

After priming my lids with concealer, I went in with that Classic shade to create a smooth even canvas for our shadows. sor

On a big fluffy brush, I applied Classic from lid to brow bone. This look is going to have a lot of blending to you need these lighter shades to help smooth out the deeper ones.

 photo SOR 2_zpsc3omhqa2.jpg

sor333Next up on a pencil brush, I took the shade called Bold which is a light brown all through the crease area but focusing the majority on the inner corner and blending out with a fluffy blending brush from the inner corner, sweeping up toward the tail of the brow. I repeated this a few times to build up the pigmentation.
 photo SOR 10_zpsvudhp81c.jpg

sor444Next up I took Edgy on a pencil brush and started to darken up in the inner corner, slowly building depth and adding more pigmentation then blending with a larger brush.
 photo SOR 11_zpsf6wcxsyg.jpg
I kept the outer portion of the lid clean and built up the brown in the crease like you would for a cut crease.  photo SOR 1_zpspzczndej.jpgsor555Now for the drama, taking Punk on that same pencil brush I carefully start adding black to the inner corner and blending it over the same way you normally would in the outer V.
 photo SOR 8_zpslhtjz87g.jpgsor222Next, I used the shade Vintage to really brighten the outer portion of the lid. I went back and forth between the black shade, the light brown and the white until I got the look I was going for. I added more of the black to the inner corner and into the crease in a cut crease fashion.
 photo SOR 16_zps6eswh00y.jpgTo really add some oomph to the look, I added a thick wing that curved with the shape of the eyeshadow and lined my upper and lower waterline with intense black liner and smudged it out along the lower lashline.
 photo SOR 3_zpsft8aomef.jpgI went in with the Bold shade and blended out the lower lash line.
 photo SOR 4_zpsqgp35ufq.jpg
I added in the Edgy shade blending down pretty low really smoking it out.  photo SOR 5_zpsd9g2k6rw.jpg
and lastly with Punk, the black shade. Really just going all the way with it all along the lower lashline and joining it into the wing., then I added a touch of Stunner, a champagne highlight from the Tarte Pro Glow Palette to the inner corner.  photo SOR 6_zps0jvaovuk.jpgI finished off with a few coats of mascara and done! photo 20170411_044040_zpsx0bm9yia.jpg photo 20170411_044042_zpskxz3rfhn.jpgFor the lips, I went with a nude peach shade from Bite Beauty called Honey Comb photo SOR 17_zpsmakemcdj.jpg  photo 20170309_232149_zpsho8uvujl.jpg

The Finished Lookwsws

I hope you guys enjoyed this little tutorial. It was fun to break out of doing the same old thing and I will see ya Friday for a review of the Nyx Duo Chromatic Illuminators and Monday for a tutorial of my go-to makeup look this spring.

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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.

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