Get the Look | Pink Ribbon – A Breast Cancer Awareness Makeup Tutorial

Get the Look | Pink Ribbon Makeup Tutorial.

Okay. Today’s makeup tutorial is something different than what I normally would do for Fall, but as everyone knows October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a subject that isn’t the easiest for me to talk about. As much as I love Fall and Halloween, I hate October because pink ribbons and breast cancer awareness campaigns are everywhere. It’s a trigger for me if ever there was one. I want to preface this tutorial with why. Also, grab a cup of coffee cause, girl, I got a lot to say. LOL!

Some of you already know from reading my Mother’s Day Post I did a couple years ago with a makeup tutorial inspired by my Mom. My Mom died of breast cancer when I was 19. It’ll be 11 years this coming February. It feels like a lifetime ago, and it feels like yesterday all at the same time. It’s not a subject I can talk about often in an emotional way. I can talk about it very matter of fact and cold, about the medical aspect of it but I have to keep it compartmentalized because I will for a lack of a better way of saying it, lose my shit. October isn’t just rough because of being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but she was also diagnosed in October, and when I was 20/21 I had my own scare with Breast Cancer. It was my time getting a gyno exam and next thing I know I am getting a mammogram and ultrasound on my left breast. I was lucky, it was just the way I was made but I have to be diligent about it even more so because of it being odd, and because of my family history. I get checked yearly, I check myself as well.

Thing is, medicine and cancer treatments have come so far since my mom was diagnosed. She also had a rare and aggressive form. There are SO many advances and truly, early detection can mean everything. No matter what, even if you feel silly and like you are overreacting, get checked! You think anything feels off, go to the doctor.

Before we get on the makeup, I want to talk about something that is makeup related.  The Look Good Feel Better Program from the American Cancer Society. I went to these workshops with mom, and they were wonderful for her moral. While medical care is the priority, but something like this can make one’s quality of life so much better. Please check it out here: Look Good Feel Better. 


When my mom was sick, we didn’t have a lot of money at all. The American Cancer Society and Look Good Feel Better was such a huge help, from providing my mom with a wig, mastectomy bra and a prosthetic to skin care tips and makeup. The American Cancer Society helped us with gas money to get to treatments, even provided money to eat lunch on while we were there. We didn’t have much money, Mom’s treatments were 2 and half hours away, they made it possible for her to get every treatment weekly. She asked in her obituary that in lieu of flowers, donate to the Amercian Cancer Society.  So here is a link to do just that and maybe you can help a family just like mine. American Cancer Society.Pink Ribbon (2)

Okay, let’s move onto the makeup.  I wanted to do a look using pink of course, but I wanted to go with hues of pink my mom loved. I started out doing this look in a way of something I thought she would wear. I had no real plan and I ended up winging it, literally with a mauve pink wing because I wanted to have some fun with the look and paired it with a duo-chromatic ombre lip as well.

Let’s get started

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Lust or Bust | Holiday Collections 2017 | Pat McGrath, Smashbox, Becca, Hourglass, LaMer and CoverFX

Lust or Bust (1)

It’s Lust or Bust time again, cause beauty brands have been pumping out the gifts sets this year like crazy so there is a lot to cover. In today’s post we will be looking at Pat McGrath’s new collection, Smashbox, more from Becca, Hourglass, La Mer and Cover FX.

So much to talk about! Let’s get started.

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Review | Swatches | Look – WetnWild Midnight Mermaid Highlighting Bar + Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow


Welcome back! Today, I have a review, swatches and a look using a couple pieces from the WetnWild Midnight Mermaid Collection. I have the Mermaid Highlighting Bar and the Color Icon Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow in Moonlight Majesty.


I think I created a pretty cool look using these guys. if you want to see more about the makeup look I did and find out how these pretties perform, just keep reading below.


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Lust or Bust | Holiday Collections | Too Faced + More Benefit

Lust or Bust.png

Woohoo! Time for more holiday release. Let’s chat all about them. In this post, we will cover the holiday launches from Too Faced and even more from Benefit!

Let’s jump into the goodies!

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Bee Beauty | Weekly Edit | September 4th – October 8th 2017

Add heading

Hello beauties, It’s about time I did a Weekly Update. This is more like a monthly update. If you have been around here you saw I had some mini updates. A lot has been going on and not much to do with makeup or fun so I didn’t really have too many MOTD’s or lifestyle stuff to post about so after a month I now have almost too much to talk about. LOL.


In today’s post I have I quite a few MOTD’s from the past week or so, some favorites, life updates and pupper drama. So grab a coffee and a snack cause and let’s jump in with some Makeup and Misadventures!

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