Interior Design | The Office + Beauty Room

Office and Beauty Room Design (3)

A Tuesday post? A schedule? what schedule? I just felt like posting this one today because tomorrow I have another post going up. Today’s post is the first installment of our office/beauty room makeup over. This installment is all about the inspiration and some of the pieces we have purchased or are planning to purchase. I will do another post once the office/beauty room is complete showing you how it all turned out.

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Spring 2017 Mood Board

Good Morning!

Currently, I am still recovering from the weekend, it was a long one and your girl needed a break from being a functioning human for a couple days. So, I decided to share a Mood Board I made over on Pinterest for Spring 2017.

ETA: Here’s a link to the Board because the embedded version isn’t showing up on mobile devices.

Spring 2017 Mood Board

My Spring Mood Board includes everything from fashion and beauty to home decor, I hope you enjoy it, Let me know in comments what you have really been into this Spring.

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I’ll see you guys here Wednesday with Part 2 of my Favorite Highlighters for Pale Skin, Drugstore Edition.

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Holiday Haul. Home Decor, Books, and Music. (Xmas Gifts)


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Welcome back! Today is the 2nd installment of my massive collective haul. This post is all about home decor, books, and stationary. Pretty much everything in this post was Christmas and Birthday gifts.  In case you missed it, you can check out part 1 here:

on-nowCollective Clothing and Accessory Haul Fall/Winter 2016 + Xmas Gifts

Starting with some vanity decor, first thing is this bad ass brush holder from Sonia Kashuk from her winter brush collection. I have been wanting the cup since it came out but I kept talking myself out of it. Luckily, my roommate got it for me for my birthday!
 photo 20170114_222055_zps5gxy66sm.jpgNext up a couple Christmas gifts from my roommate. She got me this gorgeous glass box. I thought it would be a perfect display for my favorite lip products.
 photo FotorCreatedbox_zpslkuesigl.pngMy roomie also got me this pretty glass tray. I have it in the center of my dining table because I was afraid it would get broken on my vanity. It’s perfect for taking product photos.  photo 20170103_115737_zpsiqfgdqzf.jpg

My husband got me this awesome brush holder from Target! I have pick this up and put it down so many times. Finally, he said just get it.

 photo 20170117_201206_zpsyvwqfsq3.jpg

My roomie also got me these little guys from Micheals. If you couldn’t tell I collect bee things. We found these little cuties at the front of Micheals in the “Dollar” section. Both were $1.50.


Jumping over into stationary and books. The hubby got me the perfect agenda from Target.

 photo 20170112_121154_zpsrwunpipm.jpg

It’s getting put to good use thus far. I’m on an organizing kick!  photo 20170112_122305_zps0se4zz87.jpg

My step mom got me this cute journal for note taking. I keep it in my purse. I’m kind of old school, I still like to write down everything on paper.
 photo 20170103_103920_zpsw4lx7egr.jpg

In the book department, my brother gave me one of the first editions of an occult book he did some artwork for called Ritual Offerings. The book is all about various occult practices around the world. He designed all the graphics for it!
 photo ritual_zpsxp7eyesv.png  photo 20170103_084446_zpsipmpr5n3.jpg photo 20170103_084509_zpsubmrua96.jpg photo rit_zpspqacnzyw.png
e also gave me a copy of Seven Spheres which he did the graphics for as well. Both books are from Nephilim Press, you can check them out here and see all the other books they have: Nephilim Press I’m pretty sure he did the graphics on the site too.

 photo 20170103_084654_zpsffxvu1t9.jpg photo 20170103_084719_zpstacy5rim.jpg photo 20170103_084732_zpsdhilznbm.jpg photo 20170103_084735_zpsm1paznqo.jpg

Moving along to CDs. Our friends from Broken by the Burden gave us a copy of their latest CD which my brother also did the graphics for.
 photo 20170103_084300_zpsmwgxmhle.jpg photo 20170103_084332_zpskyz16dch.jpg
My brother also gave me a signed copy of his full-length album. You can check out his music here: Norot Music.

Norot is a solitary ritualistic recording project originally from Louisiana now based in Cork, Ireland. encompassingAtmospheric Black Metal, Doom & Gothic elements. A musical extension of the Norot concept created by occult artist Robert W. Cook.”

Here’s a look at some of the detail on the digipack.

 photo 20170103_084108_zpssejbekkq.jpg photo 20170103_084114_zpsommon452.jpg photo 20170103_084139_zps2u66gca9.jpg photo 20170103_084127_zpsczxjocnd.jpg photo 20170103_084205_zpsgwrbxsjg.jpg

And lastly, a Christmas gift from my good friend Bird. He knows my Star Wars love is strong. lol. He also got my husband a Sega Genesis Classic.  photo 20170115_092410_zpswzqaadno.jpgKeep a look out for my next Haul post all about Makeup!

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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.

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Christmas Decor

Christmas Dreams


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Halloween Decor from Years Past.

Here’s a look at how I’ve decorated our home last Halloween as well as our apartment a few years ago. My photography skills were pretty off then. Lol. I didn’t get a chance to decorate this year and fall decorations are my favorites but Christmas is around the corner so I’ll make up for it then.

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