Shadowplay – Urban Decay Naked 2 Makeup Tutorial

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Happy Wednesday, this evening I have a bit of a throwback tutorial using the Urban Decay Naked 2. I’m doing a series with UD. Revisiting old favorites, reviews in retrospect. I have a whole post devoted to the Naked palettes and here: Lust or Bust | Urban Decay – Naked Collection | Part 1 – The Eyes and will have a part 2 up next Monday and a full review of the Naked 2 Friday.

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Anyway, I wanted to do a tutorial just using the Naked 2 because I don’t believe I have and it’s been kind of pushed aside for other new palettes. I decided to do the what I think of as the classic Naked 2 Smoky Eye. A look I have gone to time and time again for date nights and rock shows, I’m pretty sure I have worn this look or something like it to every concert I have gone to in recent years.

I included two lip options because I can’t make decisions. LOL. One is more muted as you see below and one is vampy like in the above picture.
photo Untitled design 1_zps4yuymmky.png
On a side note, I am experimenting with different collage methods that are Pinterest friendly so that’s why there are sooo many pictures in this post.

If you want to see how to get this classic Naked 2 look just keeping reading below.

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Metal Xenomorph – Alien Inspired Makeup Tutorial feat. Tarte and Anastasia Beverly Hills

What up guys?! Finally, a new post. Been a little MIA this week but we can talk about that in the Weekly Edit coming up Monday. Today, I want to share with you my makeup I did inspired by Alien and how I got the look you see here. 
 photo alien 1_zpseholqcwg.jpg

I did this look for my husband’s birthday, Aliens is his favorite movie. We went to see Alien Covenant and then went to a metal show at the bar, so I had the perfect opportunity to do something fun and get creative. I wanted to do something dark and duo-chromatic to capture that feel of the Xenomorphs shiny almost metallic skin.

So if you want to see how I got this look, just keep reading below!

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Spring 2017 Mood Board

Good Morning!

Currently, I am still recovering from the weekend, it was a long one and your girl needed a break from being a functioning human for a couple days. So, I decided to share a Mood Board I made over on Pinterest for Spring 2017.

ETA: Here’s a link to the Board because the embedded version isn’t showing up on mobile devices.

Spring 2017 Mood Board

My Spring Mood Board includes everything from fashion and beauty to home decor, I hope you enjoy it, Let me know in comments what you have really been into this Spring.

Also check out my Spring Edit here: Bee Beauty | Seasonal Edit | Spring Makeup 2017Spring Favorites 2017

I’ll see you guys here Wednesday with Part 2 of my Favorite Highlighters for Pale Skin, Drugstore Edition.

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Wake Up Makeup! Makeup Tips to Look Wide Awake.

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Today’s post is an article I did for Dear Dharma  a while back and wanted to share with you guys. Dear Dharma is an online advice column that covers a variety of tops so check them out! Now on to my advice on looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.

So you woke up this morning feeling completely wiped out, the dark circles are shining in all their glory, and oh look, they’re puffy too. You’re skin is parched and looks like crepe paper to top it off. Not to mention you really could just use about twelve more hours of sleep but alas the day must begin and you got to look at least like you got six hours of sleep last night

Here are a few makeup tips that will help you fake it until you make it that I have used for years on myself and as an MUA on clients alike.

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Bee Beauty | Seasonal Edit | Spring Makeup 2017

Spring Favorites 2017What up guys! Tonight I have a post all about my favorite pale girl friendly makeup products and looks for Spring 2017.

 photo ph2bw03bc42qbwe_zpscc81qhdp.gifI’ve gathered up all the products I have been reaching for this spring and loving. Grab a snack, cause this is going to be a long one.

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