Urban Decay | New Launches Lusts & Busts | Spring\Summer 2017

bEE BEAUTY (2)Hey guys, Today I want to introduce a new little series where we talk all about new launches, be it from one brand like today or various new beauty related launches. These post will be a combination of a wish list and anti-haul kind of things, pieces from the collections I want to try and others that are a pass in my opinion.

Keep in mind before we get started that these are just my opinions, nothing serious and no shade intended.

 I thought a good way of showing the products would be to use Polyvore if you have any other suggestions of formatting please let me know in the comments.
Okay! Let’s get started.

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Bee Beauty | Weekly Edit | April 23rd – May 20th, 2017

Bee Beauty - Weekly Edit

Welcome back. Been a while since I have done a Weekly Edit. I honestly though I didn’ have that much to post about these past few weeks. But of course, I have ended up accumulating a ton of stuff and didn’t realize it so this is gonna be a long one. More like a Monthly Edit.  I tried to just narrow down to the highlights picture wise but we’ll see where this post goes.
18ab9f1036f624d7fcf0b821ad5e09dfSo grab a coffee and let’s jump in!

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Spring 2017 Mood Board

Good Morning!

Currently, I am still recovering from the weekend, it was a long one and your girl needed a break from being a functioning human for a couple days. So, I decided to share a Mood Board I made over on Pinterest for Spring 2017.

ETA: Here’s a link to the Board because the embedded version isn’t showing up on mobile devices.

Spring 2017 Mood Board

My Spring Mood Board includes everything from fashion and beauty to home decor, I hope you enjoy it, Let me know in comments what you have really been into this Spring.

Also check out my Spring Edit here: Bee Beauty | Seasonal Edit | Spring Makeup 2017Spring Favorites 2017

I’ll see you guys here Wednesday with Part 2 of my Favorite Highlighters for Pale Skin, Drugstore Edition.

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Bee Beauty | Weekly Edit | April 9th – 22nd 2017


Spring Favorites 2017 (1)

 photo giphy_zpsuc6d9bdr.gif

Good Evening! Tonight I have my Weekly Edit. This one is covering 2 weeks again because I have been super boring.  LOL! But  I have a few makeup looks to show ya with all the details, some girl talk, some yummy food, and some cool pictures I took throughout the last couple weeks. I also have some TV and Movie chat and a new playlist!

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Bee Beauty | Seasonal Edit | Spring Makeup 2017

Spring Favorites 2017What up guys! Tonight I have a post all about my favorite pale girl friendly makeup products and looks for Spring 2017.

 photo ph2bw03bc42qbwe_zpscc81qhdp.gifI’ve gathered up all the products I have been reaching for this spring and loving. Grab a snack, cause this is going to be a long one.

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