Last Week in Pictures. Life + Makeup February 12th – 19th

Add heading.png photo 05_zpsredil2b2.jpg Good morning guys and gals, this morning I have my weekly update post for ya. It wasn’t the most exciting week other than Valentine’s Day which is the only day I did a makeup look worth posting about. LOL. Anyway, I do have a few things to talk about including my V-Day, TV shows, real talk about anxiety and the grumps, and of course some puppy love. Let’s get into this.  Continue reading “Last Week in Pictures. Life + Makeup February 12th – 19th”


Fitness Journey – Support Systems

Let’s talk about support. Support from friends, family and yourself.  photo Screenshot_2016-04-11-04-43-47-1_zpslrejam6p.png

I’m incredibly blessed in this aspect. First of all, there is my husband. Ross works out with me at the gym most days. He shows me how to do my weight training and is the most handsome spotter. We encourage each other to go workout and eat right. Not only that, he shows he’s proud that I workout. It’s motivating to see he likes that I don’t wimp out about stuff and want to try new exercises. I think that me lifting weights with him is attractive to him so that adds another aspect of motivation. Not everyone is going to agree with that, I know. But it’s how I feel and it helps me be better at working out. Having Ross there at the gym with me also makes it more fun. We experiment with new techniques together, show each other new workouts we’ve found. We’re definitely one of those couples who do everything together and adding fitness to our relationship has made things even better.
 photo 12_zpsruhkm04b.jpg
Secondly, I have my brother. Though he lives in Colombia and we’re thousands of miles apart we write to each other about our fitness journeys at least once a week and encourage each other. Like ross and I, My brother and his wife are working out together. Funny thing is he wrote saying he joined a gym the same week I did. We are always on the same wavelength no matter how far apart we are. Like twins with esp. Lol. It’s great seeing how working out is improving his quality of life too. He also suffers from joint problems. We have similar physical and mental issues. Seeing him improve himself makes me so happy.

Next up, my friends. Nisa who I mentioned in a previous post is my cheerleader and damn near trainer. If I were allowed to bring her to the gym with me I would but my gym is an employee and spouse only thing. Every day I tell her what I did and she tells me she’s proud and when we get together she shows me new at home workouts to try. Just her saying she’s proud is such great encouragement because I know she truly means it. She wants me to be healthy. I think she needs to start her own blog or Instagram for her fitness because she’s amazing.

Then there is Lila, who’s training in physical therapy She helps me make sure I’m not hurting myself. Shows me stretches to help my build my core strength and knees so I can push myself without hurting myself.

I’m not saying all my girlfriends aren’t cheering me on, they totally do. Every one of them has been hella encouraging.
 photo LR 162_zpskfmd831j.jpg
Lastly, myself. I have to give myself pep talks and tell myself I’m proud because that’s where it really counts. You gotta do it for you. I want to feel good. I want to not hurt and be able to enjoy life. I’m making myself a better person inside and out. This isn’t just about losing weight or getting ripped. It’s about being a wholly healthy person. The mental is just as important as the physical. I’m not going to let my disabilities control me or define me. Because I’m much more than that, and I need to remind myself of that and prove to myself I can do what I set out to do. The only pain I want to feel from now on is sore from a good workout. Having other people be proud and cheer you on only helps if you are proud. It reinforces that good feeling.  photo ceecba51-c08e-4feb-a08a-2831c11b96a0_zps7knsnmsi.png

But what if you don’t have a good support system? That’s why I’m sharing my journey. Find that support system here online. I’m one of the millions who is doing this and will be more than happy to encourage and motivate you. That doesn’t just go for fitness either, whether it’s being a beauty blogger or whatever your passion. Go for it.

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Fitness Journey – The Beginning

3 weeks ago I started going to the gym, not every day. About 3 or 4 times a week. The change I’ve experienced in my body has been incredible so far. Have I lost weight yet? Not really but I’ve lost some fat and gained muscle. I’m not going to use the scale as my proof. Scales are inaccurate, weight fluctuates.

 photo Screenshot_2016-04-09-06-17-17_zpsdchjwyw9.png

For full disclosure here are my stats just so you can know what I’m working with physically.

Age: 29

Weight: 199 lb

Height: 5ft 2in.

I have congenital joint deformities, arthritis, and acute scoliosis. About a month ago I could barely walk around enough to get groceries. Minimal housework was torture because of the back pain. If my friends inviting me anything that meant I had to walk I couldn’t go. The pain would get so intense just making trips to one room in my house to another my legs would start shaking and my body would tense up so bad I could hardly take a step. This past year it was getting out of hand. The fact was really disrupting my life was doing a number on me mentally. When simple tasks seem impossible it makes you feel pretty awful.

The scoliosis is the main source of pain. It’s something I’ve dealt with since I was little. It wasn’t diagnosed properly until I was 19 by my GP despite seeing specialists as a child and spending most my childhood in physical and occupational therapy. Had it been diagnosed earlier things may have been different but it’s too late to worry over that. My body is what it is now and I’m trying to make the best of it.
 photo 12907436_363369523833739_147810413_n_zpsebmqpsrq.jpg
So here I am 3 weeks into a new lifestyle. One I’ve never had before. I let my physical state hold me back too long and had the mindset of “I can’t” and “you’re disabled” too long. This month with my first trip to the gym all that changed. I realized I can.

 photo Screenshot_2016-04-09-06-21-30_zpss3hr2qte.png
I can’t remember the last time I felt so good physically and mentally. My body pain had been greatly reduced and as I shed fat and gain muscle it’s only going to get better from here.

My first visit to the gym, I could barely do anything there. Today, I can do almost everything and even increased the weight I’m training with. Every day trip I try something new and work to get better at each workout every time.

Here’s a little thing I’m super proud of; last Friday me and the girls went to an Art Crawl downtown. I was thinking it was just walking around to a couple booths all close together. Nothing physically demanding but no. It was walking the length of 3rd st. to various places of business where the art was inside. I’m not sure how many blocks length it was but it was a lot. We started out at 6 pm with a cheese board at Embers ( an upscale pizza place) then walked a block to the pub and hung out for a bit. Then walked all the way down to the other end of the street to see some friends play. This trek was the hardest because we walked straight with no stops and was the only time my back hurt. After that we strolled back down toward where we started, stopping in all the galleries and shops looking at stuff and ended up at The Mirror Room for drinks. Point is, we spent about 6 hours bar and shop hopping. Something I haven’t been able to do in years. Just enjoy walking around. I would have been miserable if I’d done that a month ago.

 photo ec35f5e1-86db-411f-95d0-e099d8345332_zpsir2abyr2.png
This is my introduction to a new topic here on Bee Beauty.

   photo 12070730_1758250654407862_605674532_n1_zpsevippiej.jpg

This is a proclamation of a lifestyle change and I’m blogging about it so all you guys can hold my ass accountable to it and hopefully I can offer some motivation and inspiration too.

 photo Screenshot_2016-04-05-19-51-34_zpsdt0ql3os.png
PS. Thank you, Nisa. Nisa encouraged me to post about all this. In a future post, I’ll go into how important a support system is. Also, Nisa and I will be sharing some workout tips on here in the near future.