Get the Look | Night Eternal – Makeup Tutorial Feat. ABH Subculture + Modern Renaissance + KVD Metal Matte

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Good Evening. Tonight we gonna be riding in a one-horse open SLAY! … I’ll go home…

I have another Holiday makeup tutorial for you guys. This one features a smoky purple lid with a hint of peachy warmth paired with a neutral lip. I wore this look to a holiday get together / birthday party Saturday evening. I had no real plan of what I wanted to do other than use purple and the Metal Matte palette from Kat Von D and this is where I ended up. If you want to see how I go this look, just keep reading below.

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Get the Look | Moon Green Awakening | Makeup Tutorial Feat. ABH Subculture + KVD Saints & Sinners

Moon Green Awakening (2)

Tis the Season to SLAY! And that is what we are doing today. I recently picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette and have been dying to use it in a look. I will be doing a full review of the palette soon.

For this look, I wanted to go green, sparkly and dramatic AF. This is the kind of look I would rock for a night out this time of year. So if you want to see how I got this look just keep reading below!

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Get the Look | Shadow Sun – Glittery Gold Fall Makeup Tutorial feat Kat Von D Beauty Saints & Sinners Palette

Shadow Sun (1)

Happy Saturday! A day late again. LOL. Apparently making a blogging schedule is more of a suggestion rather than deadlines. Anyway, today I have another Fall \ Holiday makeup look. This looks features a golden glittery halo eye that is perfect for those more glam holiday events… or a Tuesday if you are me.

Shadow Sun (4)

I’m still getting the hang of my new camera and working on my lighting situation so forgive the funky lighting and let’s get started! Well, Imma make me another cup of coffee and then we’ll get started.

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December 2016 in Pictures



 photo Happy-New-Years-Eve-Tumblr-04_zpsev3rncd0.jpg

Happy New Year!!! 2016 is over! It was a rough year for pop culture and politics but how was it for you personally?

My 2016 wasn’t too bad at all really. I feel like a grew a lot this year,  a lot of personal development and what have you. I’m happier than I have ever been really. I feel like I have really found my niche in the makeup community, landed a little job in PR and booked some freelance makeup gigs.

My husband and I finally embraced a healthier lifestyle this year and love of the gym, particularly weight training. I’m looking forward to a new year with my little family continuing and improving our healthy lifestyle. We’ve also had a wonderful addition to our little household, my roommate, Chandra!

This year has shown me how great family is. Despite losing my Uncle this year which was pretty hard on my family, I feel like we are all a little closer. I’m so happy my brother and his wife visited this Christmas and we got to really bond and spend time together. I can’t wait for them to come back!

My husband’s family has been amazing too. Always there when you need them. I forgot what that was like honestly, they are so warm and welcoming.

Then there our friends, who are our family too. So many good times were had, despite the challenges each one was facing in their personal lives, with jobs and ailing family members we could still laugh and have fun together. I’ve never known so many truly good people who could be so selfless and caring no matter what was going on.

As far as resolutions go, I don’t have many other than to keep growing and improving my mind and body. Getting my house more even more organized and tidy (and keeping it that way) while moving toward a more minimalist lifestyle. I do also want to get better organized and scheduled with my blogging. Not procrastinating so damn much and to not forget who I am and my style when I do blog. I think was I little caught up in trends and keeping up with the Jones, I lost a little bit of my personal style trying to fit in kind of. Eff all that. LOL.

2017 is the year we love ourselves!

Now on December in pictures. Since, I’ve finished the 100 Days of Makeup Challenge I decided I will do a couple monthly post, one like this one which will consist of various things that happened through the month that I took pics of, and another that will be devoted just to make up. It will include products I have been loving and MOTD’s. Generally, anything beauty and fashion related with these posts will be more about lifestyle I guess. Anything non-beauty. Let’s jump in, shall we? The first thing I want to show you guys is how I decorated for Christmas. While I don’t mention it a whole lot (but hopefully will in the coming year) I love decorating and interior design. It’s my other passion. I love all things home design.
 photo IMG_20161223_221627_026_zpskycrarhv.jpgHere we have our entertainment center and the focal point of the living room all done up for the holidays. It’s a tad busy but I wanted to keep some of my other decor out this year to show my brother. Normally I would have less non-holiday stuff out. The following snapshots are done in a vignette style to show little nooks of decor that I feel tell a little story. My holiday day decor theme I try to stick to is a victorian Christmas using lots of gold, burgundy and soft dusty roses with hints of pale green.  photo IMG_20161210_224144_zps1dxjrgl3.jpgThese little iridescent glass trees are one my favorite decor pieces. They’re simple, yet so pretty and delicate.
 photo IMG_20161212_092905_zpsibq9hkcn.jpgOn the opposite of the shelf, I have my angel tree topper which was my grandmother’s tree topper. My tree is never large enough to fit it so she has her own corner of the shelf so she can shine because she is special to me.  photo IMG_20161217_122630_zpsphnw6eze.jpg
Along the vertical shelves, I had a section of sentimental pieces and some I just think are pretty. This nativity set belonged to my mom, it’s a vintage set from the early 70’s possibly late 60’s. While I’m not super religious or anything I still put these out yearly because they are sentimental and beautiful.
 photo IMG_20161220_215759_169_zpscgndtoco.jpgNext, up I have a few vintage glass balls hanging from ornament hangers from the 60’s. These were from my grandmother’s tree next to one of her vintage amber glass bowls filled with a selection of gold balls.
 photo IMG_20161214_220347_zpsf4wjjkbd.jpgOn this other hanger, I have an ornament from believe is from Cracker Barrel that looks like a victorian postcard. I collect these types of ornaments. Surrounding it are a couple more vintage porcelain pieces.
 photo IMG_20161223_221413_506_zpsfibpas7i.jpgIn this hammered metal gold bowl, I got as a wedding gift from Target, I have more vintage glass ball ornaments.
 photo IMG_20161223_221423_561_zpsnedga0hl.jpgI also filled this amber mosaic hurricane candle holder with mini gold balls and a hand painted glass ornament with a cat on it on the hanger. And more little glass trees.
 photo IMG_20161223_221519_974_zpsweafiuii.jpgThe glittery cross is also special, Ross’s mother gave me for Xmas one year, I believe the second year we were dating.  photo IMG_20161222_133332_003_zpsugclyk9u.jpgNow for the tree. This year we used my roommates pencil tree which I love! It fits perfectly in the nook by the entertainment center on top of our trunk.
 photo IMG_20161223_221339_930_zpslhzc56uj.jpg
 photo IMG_20161223_093750_165_zpshmb5kfyc.jpg
 photo IMG_20161223_205338_389_zpsgpocx56h.jpgOn the dining table, I kept it simple with a burgundy runner and a hurricane glass container filled with more ball ornaments.
 photo IMG_20161223_221444_907_zpsrrl6tizj.jpgFinally, we have a bulletin board which belongs to my roommate, we decided to use it to display our holiday cards.  photo IMG_20161223_222151_429_zpstllgbnqe.jpg

That’s it for the decor, now onto other fun things!

First up we have my Pumpkin being a silly girl sitting on the dining table. She seems to think this is normal for a dog…
 photo IMG_20161210_205009_zpsmvvxazth.jpg photo IMG_20161210_205240_zpsg5awteut.jpg
But how could you be mad at this face?
 photo IMG_20161215_001312_zpsro0jroqd.jpgI take a lot of sky pictures, I’m trying to build my own library of stock images rather than raiding Deviant Art or other graphic resource sites. The moon looked really cool on this night with the clouds.
 photo 20161218_135921_zpsnxgjdice.jpg

I also finally got my hair color corrected back to my natural shade after the Artic Fox red hair color debacle from Halloween. If you want a fashion color that lasts, check out Artic Fox. it’s hardcore. I was expecting it to fade like Manic Panic but noooo. I got most to lift using Dawn but I ended up having to go to my sister-in-law’s salon to get it corrected. She had to use a direct dye lifter with a volume 20 for 30 mins to get it to a pink shade that she could cover with color. She ended up using a violet red based Pravana Chromatic in golden violet brown I believe at the roots and melted it down into an ashy blonde to tone it because it was brassy as hell because I had colored it with a Feria blonde shade that turned bright gold. She then melted down into a blonde ombre using the Feria shade I had put in myself and she toned it by running some of the Pravana through it.I’m in love with the root color. I also had a few inches trimmed off.

I took this pic the day after I had it colored because we were heading to New Orleans to pick up my brother and his wife who flew in from Medellin, Columbia for 2 weeks to spend Christmas here! The first time he has been home in 3 years.

We spent a great evening in The French Quarter and had dinner at The Napoleon House before heading back to Alexandria.
 photo IMG_20161221_171929_468_zpsr8uekwna.jpg

So, of course, I made him take a selfie with me! BTW you can check out his music and art here: Norot Art
 photo IMG_20161222_232828_890_zpsn2nlnwvw.jpg

And a selfie with my beautiful sister-in- law Alejandra, a fellow beauty blogger among many other things. Check out her Instagram and blog here:

Mirrors in the Attic on Instagram

Mirrors in the Attic on WordPress

Over on her blog, she had curated bundles of makeup from around the world for us porcelain gals for sale, with tons more bundles coming soon so if you live in Columbia and have trouble finding makeup for pale skin, check her out!

We had a blast playing in makeup every day and discovering all the cool stuff she brought back from Japan! She even brought me some lippies from a brand called Glips based out if Medellin. I will have a review and swatches up soon.
 photo IMG_20161221_172242_249_zpse07igupo.jpgI had to get a pic with the hubby too since we were having photoshoot time in my backyard. Yeah, he’s THAT much taller than me.

 photo IMG_20161221_172324_594_zps1shs6wyl.jpg
And Miss Pumpkin had to get in on the action!

Speaking of Japanese goodies! How cute is this?! I’m kinda obsessed with Gudetama, just a silly little lazy egg.
 photo IMG_20161228_193146_280_zpsmfgvfvsb.jpg
 photo IMG_20161228_193331_382_zpswbx8gkdh.jpg

Look at that butt! I can’t even! I love all things Sanrio.

For Christmas, that evening I cooked a big dinner for all our friends and family but didn’t take a single pic… But I had a house full of friends and family until New Years.
 photo IMG_20161230_203138_131_zpswiwtzhfs.jpg

We had the most beautiful sunrise on the 30th. My photos couldn’t do it justice. My brother and I were, of course, awake, sitting outside talking after staying up all night. We did that every night, just gossiping and talking until daylight.
 photo IMG_20161231_100141_652_zps7nncnqwe.jpg

This is just a shot of Lake Pontchartrain heading out of New Orleans after dropping my brother and his wife off at the airport.  We stayed the night in a room with them on the 30th driving down that evening, procrastinating the drive because it meant they were leaving. Driving to New Orleans at night while listening to Agents of Oblivion is something everyone should experience.  Seeing nothing but pitch black out the passenger’s side window, knowing there is nothing there but swamp and darkness.

Endsmouth by Agents of Oblivion

We headed back home on the 31st. We got home about noon, took a disco nap and headed out to The Brewhouse for the New Years Eve party.
 photo FB_IMG_1483258176494_zps43iyt1t6.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1483258145779_zps7mmghwuz.jpg

Much fun was had in our fancy dress clothes!
 photo FB_IMG_1483258132458_zps1ejoczmf.jpg
 photo FB_IMG_1483258125154_zpseqf0cbbt.jpg

My husband was even invited up by the band, Mojo Killjoy to sing Black by Pearl Jam and nailed it!

This was one of the best Christmas’s ever. I wish my Aunt could have made it from Dallas but she was too sick, we missed her.

Thank you all for a great year and here’s to 2017 being bad ass! photo large 3_zpsj38nrl8j.jpg

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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.

 photo vvaVrvrr_zpslhtr76pi.png

Red Water. A Dark Holiday Makeup Tutorial Feat. ABH + KVD


 photo tumblr_nvrgbpGAi21uejtspo1_500_zpsjugmxjzf.gif

Twas the night before Christmas and all the house Type O Negative was playing… and this is not your average Holiday makeup.

 photo 20161214_212638_zpsb9gz58as.jpg

You guessed it, today I have a dark and sombre Holiday look for you guys using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette and the Kat Von D Serpentina Palette. The inspiration for this look comes from the Type O Negative song, called “Red Water” which to me captures perfectly that melancholy undertone that creeps up this time of year when we think the loved ones we’ve lost and how Christmas was as a child. It can be quite depressing around Christmas, in those quiet moments everyone’s gone to bed and you’re up finishing in the kitchen or wrapping gifts. In those quiet moments, we think, we remember, and nostalgia takes hold. Whether you’re spending the Holiday all alone or surrounded by loved ones, you still feel it to some extent.

I’m very fortune this year, I have my whole little family home for the first time in 5 years and I’m hosting Christmas dinner also for the first time. I’m so happy everyone will be home. My brother and his lovely wife came up from Medellin, Columbia! His wife Alejandra is a fellow beauty blogger among many other amazing things, check her out here:espejosenelatico.wordpress. and over on Instagram @@mirrorsintheattic

Speaking of nostalgia, I’m currently sitting on the couch typing while Star Trek is on TV and my brother is assembling his new Star Wars Lego set and talking about our favorite Christmas when Mama got us all those Star Wars toys and we had a Light Saber battle in the backyard.

Anyway, back to the reason you’re here, the makeup! I went hella bold with a softer red fading into a deep black smoky eye. I included 3 lip options ranging from neutral to bold to full on black.  If you want to see how I created this look, just keep reading below.

 photo 20161208_084948_zpsrnrqt2hu.jpg
Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

I used shadows from the Anastasia Beverly Modern Renaissance Palette and the Kat Von D Serpentina Palette for this look. I just got my paws on the Modern Renaissance palette and I’m having fun with it for sure. Definitely a palette worth checking out. I’ll have a full review with swatches and looks coming soon.

 photo 20160727_082312_zpsdgjzsmcc.jpg
Kat Von D Beauty Serpentina Palette

We all know my love of the Serpentina palette and in case you didn’t check out my review: Kat Von D Serpentina Review + Looks

Let’s get started with the look, shall we?

 photo 20161208_084930_zpsqzfranry.jpg
Anastasia Modern Renaissance

Jumping in first with the ABH Modern Renaissance, I took the shade Tempera as a base all over the lid and to the brow bone. I’ve already primed my eyes and did brows as usual.

 photo 20161214_160909_zpscgw5dgs1.jpg

For primer, I used the ELF Eyeshadow Primer and ABH Dipbrow in Taupe to shape my brow the adjusted the color using a combination of Warm Taupe and Cypress Umber (deep warm brown) from the Modern Renaissance

 photo 20161214_161219_zpsv7qkcpfu.jpg

Moving on to the transition, on a large fluffy brush, I took the shade Warm Taupe throughout the crease area and right above almost to the brow bone. The all the way to the brow bone on the inner portion. I wanted lots of depth.

 photo pixlr_20160130080753448_zpsohji4xp4.jpg
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Rust

Next, I grabbed the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Rust and applied it as a base all over the mobile part of my lid below the crease.

 photo 20161214_161832_zpsvdtftk15.jpg

This step doesn’t make a difference in the long run, I was experimenting.

 photo 20161214_162031_zpsplegsx8u.jpg

On a flat shader brush, I packed Red Ochre all over the lid.

 photo 20161214_162243_zpswvjbp4dk.jpg photo 20161214_162247_zps3fevafvl.jpg

Then blended Red Ochre into the crease, marring it with Warm Taupe.

 photo 20160727_082456_zpsrphh74bi.jpg

Jumping over to the Serpentina palette from Kat Von D, you know I went for Bloodmilk!

 photo 20161214_162452_zps5zcdfskh.jpg

I packed Bloodmilk all over the lid with my finger actually to get the most from the shadow. I wanted a true blood warm blood red shade.

 photo 20161214_162801_zpsfxumu2sl.jpg

Next, I took Ankh into the outer portion of the lid to create some depth and more drama. I went back and forth with Bloodmilk and Ankh until I was happy with the transition.

 photo 20161205_060205_zpswrc30utg.jpg

With ELF Cream Liner, I added a short (for me) wing that is most flattering on my eye shape. Every eye is different so the wing should be done to flatter the eye.

 photo 20161214_163629_001_zpsg0plypoa.jpg

I, for example, have hooded eyes so I need a shorter wing or else the overlap of skin would distort it, but since a good bit of lid still shows I can go thicker with the line.

 photo 20161214_163849_zpsd0le7xab.jpg

I set the cream liner with Ankh and smudged out the wing on the outer portions so it flowed into the eyeshadow.

 photo 20161214_164601_zpsnmtp7yvs.jpg

Then I added even more of Ankh to the outer corner of the eye to really make it deep and smoky.

 photo 20161214_194450_zpscrolyzmm.jpg

On the lower lashline, I took Red Ochre once more on a small blending brush and smoked out the lower lashline heavily.

 photo 20161208_085323_zpsb4ecswju.jpg photo 20161214_194614_zpsvseenfgw.jpg

I tight lined my upper and lower waterline with Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eyeliner in black.

 photo 20161214_195009_zpsw3ozbmhb.jpg

Then I smudged it out with Ankh and added even MOAR depth!

 photo 20161214_200031_zpsqsjlnslm.jpg

On the inner corner, I used a combination of Primavera (warm golden champagne)  and Vermeer (Frosted very pale pink). I used a combo to create a more neutral shade.

 photo 20150928_213412_zps1laygcv4.jpg photo 20161019_131555_zps0zeogxkj.jpg

I finished off the eye with another combination of the L’oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

Voluminous Superstar Mascara By L’oreal Review and Demo

 photo 20161214_200710_zpsbgb7xq4n.jpg photo 20161214_200708_zpsvjyxqqia.jpg photo 20161214_200722_zpsfhewmwcw.jpg

And that is the finished eyeshadow.

Moving on the rest of the face, I have listed the products I used below with any relevant reviews and commentary.

 photo 20161214_195812_zpshxqgadjy.jpg

For primer, this has been my go to lately. I used the Laura Mercier all over my face and the Estee Edit in my areas that need some pore filling and oil control.

 photo 20161208_085600_zpsy3riwplp.jpg
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer + Radiance


 photo 20161208_085546_zpsrcdtlpcs.jpg
Estee Edit Pore Vanishing Stick


 photo 20160509_192230_zps3boqppk2.jpg photo 20160509_192246_zpslkdcltur.jpg

I did a little color correcting since I was using such red based eyeshadows to take down any redness on my skin. I used the pale green shade and a bit of the green on my cheeks where I have rosacea and around my nose and chin that are always red. If you’re interested in a post on color correction let me know in the comments!

 photo 20160509_214824_zpsre5436f1.jpg
NYX Cream Highlight and Contour Palette in Light

Next, I did a little cream contouring with the NYX Cream Highlight and Contour Palette. I used the lightest palette in the range. I think it’s called Fair/Taupe. I do the cream contouring under foundation for a more “natural” appearance. Let me know in the comments if you would like an updated contour routine.


 photo 20161008_212218_zpsf02p7i0n.jpg
L’oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation in Classic Ivory

For foundation, I used L’oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation.

L’oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation Review + Demo

 photo 20161008_212340_zps8wo0uaiy.jpg
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly

For concealer, I used Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly. Review coming soon.

 photo 20160816_131142_zpsufudsceo.jpg
Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Setting Powder in Translucent

I set my undereye and baked with Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder in Translucent

Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Setting Powder Review + Demo #LockItRevolution

 photo 20160630_015049_zpszfyxcmkz.jpg
Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana

I set the rest of my face with Wet N Wild Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana because it is so pale I can use it and a finishing powder.

 photo sl_zpsvw7tlyu5.jpg
Kat Von D Beauty Shade+Light Contour Palette

For contour, I used Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette. I used a combination of all the contour shades and the shades Levitation and Lyric to swipe away the bake and brighten my undereye.

 photo 20160115_151440_zpsmzxvzifm.jpg  photo 20151114_204511_zpsaubykwbd.jpg

I used Diffused Light from Hourglass under my eyes and Dim light on the higher points of my face. Then used Luminous Bronze to warm up my complexion.

 photo 20160104_005003_zpsolmynrw3.jpg

For blush, I used a combination of Baby Love and I Will Always Love You. Placing Baby Love from Too Faced further back in a draping technique and I Will Always Love You closer to the apples of my cheek.

Too Faced Love Flush Blush Wardrobe Review

 photo 20161205_060021_zpsjknf4njt.jpg
Wet N Wild Megaglo Highlighting Gold Bar

Then I hit the high points of my face with Wet N Wild Mega Glow Highlighting Gold Bar and that finishes up the face makeup.

Now let’s move on to the 3 lip options and how they look with the makeup.

 photo 20161214_201613_zpsqky6fblr.jpg

First up and most neutral is NYX Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken.

 photo 20161208_090813_zpsq7z6me1a.jpg
NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Soft Spoken

This is probably the most wearable option of the bunch, and what I would wear if I were going to a family function.

 photo 20161214_201624_zps4mzytgc8.jpg

Option 2
 photo 20161214_203037_zpsrttiu0oi.jpg

I decided to try Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Damned with Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampira in the center.

 photo 20161208_091950_zpswvdrhamn.jpg
Kat Von D Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Damned


 photo pixlr_20151213183248970_zps2j1ayvvt.jpg
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampira

I liked this combo a lot but perhaps it was a bit too much with the eyes.

 photo 20161214_203026_zpsvl0jobdy.jpg  photo 20161214_203109_zpsb7jckxfd.jpg  photo 20161214_203731_zpsbpitjrio.jpg

Sooo I went with black! Hey, it’s a neutral shade.

 photo 20161214_212547_zpscde5du5f.jpg

I used Maybelline Loaded Bolds in Pitch Black.

 photo 20161208_090220_zpsnln4hssn.jpg
Maybelline Loaded Bolds in Pitch Black

 photo 20161214_212622_zpswehytmpl.jpg photo 20161214_212855_zpsfzig4xum.jpg photo 20161214_212554_zpsazx9a2bm.jpg
Yeah, always back to black. I would wear this one for going out for sure and probably will this evening to an annual Xmas eve eve jam at a local pub.

Which lippie do you prefer?

 photo tumblr_nzlwktdMZg1qiegwlo1_500_zpsjnkapepb.gif photo assxsx 3_zpsymimrddf.png

Happy Solstice! and I hope everyone is having a wonderful time right now and are surrounded by love and warmth.

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Bee Beautiful. Bee You.

 photo vvaVrvrr_zpslhtr76pi.png