Wedding Makeup Tutorial + Tips and Tricks

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Good Evening. Getting a late start again today. I’m trying to get my sleep cycle back to normal. I feel so unproductive when it’s backward. Why is so easy to stay up all night and sleep all day? Sighwedding makeup (8)

Anyway, in today’s post I’m going to show you have I did my makeup on my wedding day. I got married a little over a year ago but some things you don’t forget, and being a bblogger and MUA, my makeup was definitely one thing I remembered well. So I have recreated a walk through of how I got this look with all the same products. I also have some great tips and tricks for your big day, just in time for wedding season.

So if you wanna see how I got my wedding day look, just keep reading! I also included a few pics of the big day.

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Wedding Shower – Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Last Saturday was my wedding shower and Bachelorette/Bachelor party. My BFF Brooke threw it with the help of all my other girls at our local bar. The owner who is also a very good friend opened early for us for the wedding shower part then rolled into the Bachelor/Bachelorette party after the bar opened.

A surprise from Brooke!

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Engagement Photographs – Wedding Series

I wanted to share my engagement photos with ya’ll today, and tell you a bit about our experience.
 photo IMG_20151010_175824_zpsy9zuf6nr.jpg
 photo IMG_20151010_175913_zpsu4fg6w1z.jpg

Firstly, I got super lucky finding an excellent photographer who also didn’t charge an arm and a leg. I spent a week getting quotes and recommendations. I have to say the prices I was quoted for engagement photos and wedding day photos were insane. On average I was quoted $2,500. I understand the pricing if I were asking a “wedding package” which includes: bridal shoot, engagement shoot, wedding day photos, digital copies, a photo album, and most times a canvas. Thing is that was pretty much my whole wedding budget right there. The wedding is also not a huge affair. Finding a photographer that would just do photos alone and digital copies was a pain.  None was willing to work with me on price and insisted on doing the package. However,  my photographer found me through a website for bookings. She was more than happy to give me a fair rate for just what I needed. Even  showed me where to get prints for the best price and quality. So, I only ended up paying $650 in all, I also had a print make canvas prints for me as a surprise.

For the shoot we wanted classy. I did some research on locations and found a beautiful bar call The Grouse Room located in Lafayette, LA. While we waited for the bar to open we took some outside shots and some in an awesome bakery called Indulge.

Without further ado, here are the photos:

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What have I been up to – Wedding Series

The last couple of weeks has been pretty hectic. Here’s a glimpse of what I have been working on and the mess that came along with it.

 photo 20151020_210509_zpsrkrgg6vs.jpg
Tags for bottles
 photo 20151020_211258_zpsrxsw3wp6.jpg
B canvas. Thanks to Lindsey. This was originally from her wedding, I just repainted it.
 photo 20151020_211126_zps2httaek3.jpg
Painted and packed bottles ready to go!
 photo 20151020_210838_zpsvhex4wi7.jpg
Sample of the decor
 photo 20151020_211103_zpsnz8yzmxd.jpg
 photo 20151020_211107_zpsk9mbn3ly.jpg
 photo 20151020_211120_zpszi35qpv6.jpg
Arrangements and random decor
 photo 20151020_210648_zpslkbkukli.jpg
All the B things
 photo 20151020_210619_zpsgagtwqtk.jpg
Fall wedding = gold glitter pumpkins. Thanks Chandra!
 photo 20151020_210534_zpsgkhxg9yj.jpg
Peek at the bouquet
 photo 20151020_210522_zpsooi6sqqg.jpg
Bridesmaid’s bouquet
 photo 20151020_210450_zps8yxxjitk.jpg
More bottle decor
 photo 20151020_210302_zpsjy7txlqz.jpg
Part of a project
 photo 20151020_210230_zpsjwyr7enr.jpg

And there is still plenty left to do, Thank goodness for Chandra this last couple week. She’s been a lifesaver with her mad crafty skillz. Tomorrow, I pick up my dress from alterations! Today, I’m sorting out decor and breaking in wedding shoes. Saturday is the wedding shower! Never thought I’d have one of those. Thank you, Brooke! Stay tuned for more!

Progress Report – Wedding Series

Here we are, just under a month left until the big day. So much done, so much left to do. My home is overrun with wedding decor. I’ve got candles, ribbon, and flowers for days. Mostly thanks to our officiant, she had tons of candles from a previous wedding as well as some ribbon and tulle. Luckily, a lot of it was black so it works with my color scheme perfectly.

one of each type of candle I have.

My sweet soul sister Lindsey, had tons of things left from her wedding too. So I have some Mason jars and charger plates to paint gold, bubbles, bits and pieces, bells and even more candles.

Yesterday, I got most the decor sorted and started to spray painting the flowers. I have a few more things left to paint including bottles.


 photo 20151011_113654_zpsysh5zizh.jpg
A small portion of all the bottles I have.

 photo 20151011_113641_zpsmyqndrzk.jpg
 photo 20151011_113315_zpshvqwsld4.jpg
 photo 20151011_113307_zpsqqomj13b.jpg
 photo 20151011_113244_zpsuufzyb17.jpg

Ross’s ring arrived, mine is on its way. My dress is at alterations, and I finally found shoes! At Davids Bridal, the last place I looked and they are perfect. They’re borderline tacky, but I am borderline tacky myself so it works. I’m not a fan of rhinestones but they are inescapable.

Since we are on the subject of bridal wear, I placed a last-minute order for some bits and pieces from David’s Bridal; a bridal comb, a clutch, and a fur cape because why not? It’s going to be in November so it might be chilly. Shapewear has also been sorted, that corset will be the death of me.

On the food and cake front, thanks to my BFF, Brooke, the cake is taken care of. I still can’t believe she did that for me. I never imagined having a custom designed cake. photo 20151011_113013_zpsheiipvcr.jpg

Thanks to some truly great friends, and family the food is covered. Everyone is bringing their favorite dish.

I’ve got all my people and places booked; officiant, photographer, DJ  (also a groomsmen and a great musician) hair stylist, (future sister-in-law ) venue, and hotel. Most everyone has been fitted and have their dresses too.


Saturday, we took engagement photos, I can’t wait to see them.

I just finished up invitations, thanks again to Brooke for printing them. She’s also thrown together a wedding shower for me at the bar.

Wow, writing this and seeing everything I’ve gotten done makes me feel so much better! I was feeling pretty stressed last week, and I thought all this wedding stress was baloney. Hah! I was so wrong.